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Deep Testing Automation Technology (DTAT)

We are a group of Ukrainian mathematicians and software engineers presenting our cutting-edge Deep Testing Automation Technology (DTAT) for software development. Our unique approach, based on an algebraic theory, enables the creation of all-meaningful behavior paths (test cases/suites), resulting in an ultra-efficient, fast, and seamless testing process.

DTAT minimizes human errors, reduces test timelines, and optimizes computing resources. Our technology streamlines the testing phase, resulting in shorter test cycles and faster time-to-market for your software projects. With DTAT, you can optimize your development process without compromising on quality. It is particularly effective for industries that prioritize reliability, such as avionics, automotive, and telecommunications.

Contact us today to learn more about DTAT and its transformative capabilities.


We are pleased to introduce our exceptional team, which is crucial to our achievement. Each member brings their own set of skills, interests, and dedication to our work, making us an effective and dynamic group.


Vlad Volkov

Manager of Software Development Projects


Roman Chetvertak

Software Engineer

Alexander Kolchin.JPG

Olexander Kolchin

Software Developer and Researcher

Roman Yagodka v1.jpg

Roman Yagodka

Software Test Engineer

Stepan Potienko.JPG

Stepan Potienko

Software Engineer


15 Kazymyra Malevycha Str.
03150, Kyiv,



+380 50 3320070


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